People say content is king, but we bet you’ve read plenty that fell short of majestic.

At Majestic Content Los Angeles, we create print and online content that deserves its royal title. Why? Because it stands out. Because it’s persuasive. And because people want to read it.

We draw on decades of experience writing for C-Suite executives, consumers and everyone in between. Need a persuasive and impactful content for website launches, social media campaigns, newsletters or print publications? We can write it from scratch for you or polish your draft until your ideas shine.

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Majestic Content Los Angeles is owned and operated by public relations pro and fiction writer Lynn Lipinski. Read more about her background here.

Current and past clients include: Southern California Water Coalition, Santa Margarita Water District, Chino Basin Water Conservation District, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Transportation Corridor Agencies, California Water Policy Conference, Strategic Partners (Infinity Shoes, Dickies Scrubs), Maven’s Notebook, University of Southern California.