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Presidents hire ghostwriters to string together the words and ideas of their speeches, articles and books. But did you know that executives and leaders from many industries and backgrounds commonly use ghostwriting too?

Not everyone has the time or the patience to write, but the content-hungry world demands an endless stream of blog posts, tweets, letters, Board papers and presentations. This means that many lean on professional writers to help polish their ideas and make them shine.

There are two types of ghostwriting: collaborative and independent. Collaborative ghostwriting is when you share your concepts and well-fleshed-out ideas for an article or a speech with a professional writer, who often takes a rough draft or bullet points. The writer then polishes the language and reviews the format to make it as readable and compelling as possible. She may also help with research and fact-checking, as needed. Sometimes, she may interview you to capture your voice through the words you use.

Independent ghostwriting occurs when you contract with a writer to produce content on a broad topic, but leave much of the research, outlining and sometimes the development of a point of view to the writer. In this case, you might say “I want to write a blog post on owning a dog,” but you don’t share much more information than that.

Collaborative ghostwriting usually produces the best results, because it transforms your ideas and thoughts into a finished, professional piece. An important thing to note about ghostwriting is that you, as the communicator, will be responsible for the words that are spoken or written in your name, so it is so important to be comfortable with and confident in the writer you choose.

There is no shame in hiring a ghostwriter – after all, by doing so, you’re in company with Presidents, entertainers and CEOs. Have a project you’re interested in getting off the ground? Contact us today for a quote.

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